Vietnam, Small Groups

Vietnam seems to buzz with youthful energy and optimism, forging ahead towards the future with the years of wars in the past. Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An show rich legacies from China’s influence for nearly a thousand years. The French colonialism left an indelible imprint in many outstanding architectural gems, language and cuisine. One travels through Vietnam, always conscious of the effects of the Vietnam War with USA.

Vietnam is a spectacularly beautiful country with mountain ranges in the North, an exquisite coastline, and the vibrant Mekong Delta with orchards and rice fields. It is also a gourmet’s paradise. Traveling through this beautiful country with a small group with the logistics of trains, and road trips taken care of is wonderful and stress free. This is especially so in active biking or overland trips from neighboring countries.

The itineraries here are only a small sample of the many trips that are possible. Do please contact us as we would love to find the right program for you.

However if you prefer to move at your own pace, or want more upscale accommodations or private guides, please contact us for independent programs.