Thailand Custom Private Journeys

Thailand "The Land of Smiles" is an incomparable travel destination. The size of France, Thailand is a fascinating country of great diversity that offers something for everyone. Pristine sunny tropical beaches abound, offering snorkeling and scuba diving and isolated but accessible islands, as well as kayaking, jet and water skiing, or just pleasant lounging under palm trees. The fascinating cultural heritage of Thailand can be explored in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Central Thailand where the royal Sukkothai and Ayuthaya cultures formed Thailand's modern identity. The country's great diversity is evident in the green hills, bamboo and teak forests and elephant camps of the North and its cities, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and in the lovely Golden Triangle with views of Laos across the mighty Mekong River.

Amazing Bangkok is constantly evolving, cosmopolitan and regal, always busy, noisy, and friendly. It is a city full of bustling markets, museums and incredible Buddhist temples. A futuristic monorail system, the Sky Train and the inexpensive ferry boats on the Chao Phraya River get you around effortlessly. Thailand's cuisine is world famous ranging from street side hawkers serving steaming bowls of hot spicy noodles to world class restaurants. Hotel accommodations ranging from the ultra luxurious Oriental Hotel, one of the world's top ten, to inexpensive but comfortable guesthouses will delight you.

Thailand offers endless possibilities, especially as a honeymoon destination. Whether you just need hotels and air fares, or a custom land program with treks, private guides, etc. let us know. We will be glad to work with you. We are pleased to enclose a variety of custom programs some of which are based on a minimum of just 2 participants with a private guide.