Small Groups into Asia

Avia Travel specializes in land arrangements for groups and individuals in Asia, especially for China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. We work with well-established land operators such as Intrepid, Explore, Peregrine, Odysseys Unlimited, and others to bring you the best in rates, service, and flexibility for small group programs.

Many times joining a pre-arranged small group offers great value, traveling companions with perhaps similar interests, and fun. These small groups range from active itineraries such as trekking, biking, and walking tours to special interest programs such as architecture, photography, and food. Group size may be from 16 to 25 travelers, allowing flexibility to use an incredible variety of local transport and stay in accommodations that would simply be impractical for a larger group. It also allows more sensitivity to the fragile local cultures with which you come in contact along the way - you blend in, rather than dominate.

We offer very good value and know the best of what there is to see and do, so your time is used efficiently. Hotels can range from basic ones to upscale boutique properties. Most programs include sightseeing that is often difficult or expensive to arrange on your own. All packages include accommodations, local English speaking guides and some meals.
Please note that itineraries here are only a sample of what is available. Much time and care is spent on matching the correct type of groups to the travelers in terms of demographics, travel styles, and interests.

Custom private programs are easily arranged if you prefer to move at your own pace.

Contact us for more information for a small group program that will be just right for you.