Myanmar, Custom Private Journeys

Myanmar is a beautiful country with a complex history and many fascinating cultures. I was in Mandalay on January 13th 2011 when news came that the United States would resume diplomatic relations with Myanmar. This was momentous news to all in Myanmar. 

During these last 50 years, the surrounding countries in South East Asia have rushed towards economic development. Myanmar in contrast seemed somewhat frozen in time. A road trip away from the major tourist destinations or a trek in Kalaw or Keng Teng showcases very bucolic scenes. The family unit and traditions in comparison to the rest of Asia is still very intact. In every village or town, the local monastery and temple is a major part of everyday life.

This world is changing very rapidly as since January 2011, Myanmar has opened her doors to investments, developments and tourism. Suddenly it seems the entire world wants to visit Myanmar before drastic changes and development takes place. The infrastructure (hotels, in- country transportation, and experienced qualified guides) is struggling to keep up with the demand.

Avia Travel had been sending clients to Myanmar since 2003. We had during these years built up great relationships and trust with our operators and have been able to offer amazing off the beaten track programs for individuals and groups that travel beyond the usual destinations of Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay. Please contact us for extraordinary custom trips to this very beautiful country.