Laos, Custom Private Journeys

Laos is surrounded by the heavily visited countries of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Laos is a small slowly developing country full of gentle people with a rich culture living in a land of stunning scenery.

The Mekong River is the lifeline of Laos on its way from the mighty Tibetan Plateau through Yunnan, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam and eventually to the ocean. Taking the slow boat from the Thai / Laos border reveals spectacular scenery, and life on and along the river. Laos is also the home of two UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Luang Prabang is well beloved by all, and a blend of traditional and European architecture. Vat Phou in the South is a complex of Hindu temples and Khmer architecture built over 1000 years old (prior to the temples at Angkor).

We are excited about eco tourism in Luang Nam Tha province with wonderful kayaking and trekking possibilities.

Customizing an itinerary for this hidden gem of Asia is something that we do easily. Do please contact us for more information.