Asia Explorer Air Passes

Avia Travel specializes in affordable, customized travel to Asia and around the world. We work directly with airlines and ticket wholesalers to bring you affordable and creative fares. When traveling through multiple destinations, do contact us as we can use a combination of air passes to maximize your travel dollars, time, and energy for a better itinerary. 

Textiles, D.Alpine Singapore Airlines Asia Air Pass
Singapore air offers air passes to 16 countries in Southeast Asia, India, China, and Japan. Start your trip from the USA to the destination of your choice via Singapore. Add a side trip to any of the 16 countries that Singapore Air services with rates starting from $100 per flight plus taxes from $70.
A sample itinerary:
Traveling from the USA to India (or Nepal, etc) – add a side trip to Bali or Angkor Wat, for example, from Singapore starting from $200 + $140 in taxes.  The possibilities are endless!

Sample itineraries include:

USA – Bangkok – train to Chiangmai, overland to Thai border for boat down Mekong River to Luang Prabang, flights to Siem Reap and home.


USA – Chiangmai – overland to Bangkok – flight to Vietnam and Cambodia and on to Bali and then home. 


Some itineraries booked recently… 

Seasonal Fruits. M.ClarkCircle Asia Fares

From $2000 with all current taxes 

Seattle – Ho Chi Minh – Bangkok – Siem Reap – Yangon – Seattle
(March to mid-May 2015 travel)



Zhangjiagie, J& D YeeCircle Pacific Fares

From $4700 with all curent taxes
LAX/SFO – Beijing – Yangon – Auckland / Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns or Adelaide – Hong Kong – LAX/SFO (Flights between Auckland and Australia not included) (January to mid-May 2015 travel) 




Water Station, A&D Hazra Anywhere and Everywhere Fares

From $1785 with all current taxes

Portland – Capetown – Bucharest – Istanbul – Los Angeles – Portland
(January to July 2015 travel)



Durians, Chiangmai, Erica P

Amazing almost Around The World fares!

From $2320 inclusive of fuel surcharges 

San Francisco – Kansai (Osaka) / Tokyo – Hong Kong – Bangkok – Calcutta / Trivandarum – Mumbai – New York – San Francisco.  (Fares within Japan and within India not included)  (April to May 2015 travel) 

From $2825 inclusive of fuel surcharges

San Francisco – Hong Kong – Singapore – Istanbul – Athens – Rome – London – San Francisco
(March to May 2015 travel) 


 Conserve your travel resources by working with us to lay out the best structure for your travel plans. Contact us!